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We regularly share information about our community including vital information on water issues we experience locally and solutions to those issues.  

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Residential Case Studies

Residential Units

"Within 48hrs of operation the water pressure and heating controls had significantly improved and within 7 days the shower unit performance had returned to near 95% of its original condition."

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Pool and Boiler

"Before the Hydroflow units were installed, the total maintenance cost to repair and replace water heaters in an average year was high as $52,000. After spending $17,000 in Hydroflow products, the maintenance costs have reduced dramatically and no water heaters have been considered to be replaced because of the disappearance of lime scale."

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British Gas Residential Boiler

"Recent follow-up exercise by R & T with customers who have purchased Hydroflow has provided very positive results. These results support our original expectations for the performance of the Hydroflow unit."

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Plumbing Contractor

"I highly recommend using HydroFLOW water conditioners."

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Residential Pool

"This technology worked will beyond my expectations...I just saved $300 in pool chemicals that I normally have to buy to get the pool adjusted correctly."

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Residential Well

"I am extremely pleased to report that all my faucets are running clear, there are no water spots on our glassware or dishes, the glass shower door is free of spots and streaks and the aerators on the faucets and shower heads have absolutely no deposits to clog their operation."

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Residential Home

"My mother is so happy with the S38 Hydropath Unit and would recommend it to anyone!"

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Residential Complex

"The ROI was remarkably short and would significantly impact our bottom line."

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Residential Dishwasher

 "We recommend the S38 water conditioner for treating limescale problems in residential and small commercial properties."

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Sharonville Fire Department

"We would highly recommend the use of Hydroflow technology to anyone who has limescale issues."

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